Statute and Regulation


Art. 1 Name and registered
It 'constituted the association called "Multicenter Italian Trial in Ovarian cancer and gynecologic malignancies (MITO)", having its registered office in Naples, Via M. Semmola. The headquarters can be moved by resolution of the Board. The Association may establish branches and / or organization on the basis of resolution of the Executive Board.


Art. 2 - Election of the Board and the President
Nominations for the election of eight directors and the President Elect, must be received by the President in office 90 days before the date set for the elections and will be promptly disseminated by him to all Members; Multiple entries are not permitted. Before proceeding to the vote for the election of the Board of the Assembly elects the President of Seat, the Deputy Chairman and three Scrutineers at the proposal of the outgoing President. The election will begin after the relevant Assembly, according to schedules set by the Board of Directors to allow the opportunity to vote for at least two hours. With regard to the vote of the directors it is not possible to express more than one preference for the list. The poll takes place after the votes. Have the right to vote all actual members admitted for at least 12 months are part of centers that have participated in the ongoing trials in the last year

Art. 3 Duration
The Association has unlimited duration.

Art. 4 Membership - The Association is formed by:

a) Founders
b) Active Members
c) Members aggregates
founding members are those who participated in the act of incorporation of the Association. The founding members are also taking legal qualifications of active membership. active members are, besides the founders, Italian citizens or foreign graduates in Medicine and Surgery who devote their activities' to the Oncologic Gynecology, that accept the purposes of art. 2 of the present Charter, and which are admitted by resolution of the Board, taken following a proposal presented to the same two permanent members, and ratified by the shareholders. Members aggregates are the Professional Nurses, graduates in Biology, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Informatics, Natural and related, the Data Manager, Health Assistants and other non-medical personnel working in the field of Gynecology Oncology, allowed by resolution of the Board, taken following a proposal presented to the same two permanent members, and ratified by the shareholders. For actual members and aggregates it is not expected an annual membership fee.

Art. 5 Rescission and exclusion Members
The quality of the actual Member or aggregate is lost:

a) to withdraw, with effect from the time of receipt of written notice;
b) facts, situations or activities that bring the Associate contrary to the purposes of art. 2 of this Statute, subject to the resolution of exclusion taken by the Board of Director

Art. 6 Organs of the Association
The Association consists of: a) Members of Meeting
b) the Board of Directors
c) the Scientific Committees

Art. 7 Members' Meeting
The Assembly is composed of all Active Members and aggregates. The Assembly meets at least once a year when convened ordered by the Executive Council, which must take place by written notice or e-mail indicating the date, the place, and the topics on the agenda, to be sent to all Shareholders at least fifteen days before the date for the meeting. The Board of Directors is obliged to convene without delay, however, the Assembly when that effect is made by at least a quarter of the actual members and the application shall state the subject matter. participate in the Meeting by proxy is not allowed. Aggregate shareholders participating the meeting and may speak, but have no voting rights. The meeting is chaired by the President, or in his absence by the most senior member present by birth of the Executive Council Candidates must bring in 3 previously arranged electoral lists:

1) medical oncologists 2) oncologists surgeons 3) other (pathologists, traslazionisti etc.) to suit your work potential
a) in each of the first two lists will be elected the three candidates who have obtained the most votes but belong to different institutions, while No. 3 in the list the most votes will be elected.

Institution refers to the name of the structure in its entirety

b) the eighth advisor will be the first non-elected candidates from all lists regardless of its structure
c) for the same number of votes will be elected the candidate with the most years of the entry in MITO Group and in case of further tie the eldest
d) you can only make one vote for each list
f) The President does not rule out a counselor of the same institution
g) The outgoing President will attend the Board of Directors without voting expression (does not exclude a director of the same institution)
h) The members of the Executive Board can not be re-elected for more than two consecutive terms

It to the Members:

a) approval of modifications and / or additions of this Statute
b) the dissolution
c) the election and appointment of the Board
e) The ratification of the actual admission and aggregates Shareholders
f) The ratification of the work of the Scientific Committees and consideration of any other matter submitted to it in the agenda, on the initiative of the Board or at the request of at least a quarter of the actual members.

The Assembly is validly constituted with the presence of at least half of the shareholders entitled to vote. If the intervening Shareholders do not reach the quorum, the Assembly must be convened again. The notice of meeting the day can already be set for the second call, which can also take place on the same day as the first. In the second convening the Assembly is valid whatever the number of Members present with voting rights. Where not otherwise provided the shareholders decide by simple majority of members present with voting rights. For the resolution of modifications and / or additions to this Statute is required three-quarters majority of the Members present and eligible to vote, and it is also necessary that the Executive Board has given notice to all Active Members proposals for modification and / or integration least two months before the date scheduled for the meeting. For the resolution of dissolution is required three-quarters majority of the Members with voting rights. Decisions shall be taken by the Assembly for a show of hands, unless otherwise provided by law or these Bylaws, or unless otherwise determined by the Assembly mode. In case of appointment of the Board and President of the voting will be carried out through cards. In this vote can not participate in the actual Members admitted following a proposal submitted to the Board during the twelve months immediately preceding the date of the relevant shareholders' meeting or shareholders who do not participate in clinical trials sponsored the Association over the past 12 months


art. 8 Board of Directors
The administration of the Association with all acts of ordinary and extraordinary administration aimed at achieving the aims of the Association which are not expressly reserved by law, articles of association and / or the Articles to other organs, is entrusted to a Board of Directors , which lasts for two years, consists of nine members, of which one member in the person of President-elect right, and eight members elected from among the Active members. II Executive Council shall meet at least once a year, convened by the Chairman by notice sent by e-mail, by fax or by mail at least five days before the date set for the meeting. The meeting of the Executive Council shall be valid when the majority of its members is present. The Executive Council shall act by a majority vote of the members present; In case of equality it is considered approved the proposal accessed by the vote of the President.

art. 9 Qualification under the Board of Directors
The mandate of the Chairman and Board members lasts two years. The President is responsible for the Secretariat office, which resides at the headquarters of the Association. The task of the Secretariat is also preparing the minutes of meetings of the Board and of the Shareholders' Meetings. The President and the Directors may be re-elected to the same office for more consecutive terms. The Governing Council, on a proposal of the President, may establish within it appropriate Committees regarding specific programs, triggered by the realization of the statutory purposes of the Association, appointing their respective coordinators from among its members.

art. 10 College of Auditors
The Association will have no budget. Any management expenses will be covered directly by members or by associations and organizations that share the goals of which all'aricolo 2. Therefore it is not expected the College of Auditors.

art. 11 Scientific Committees
The Governing Council may establish Scientific Committees, which have advisory role, and whose task of studying specific problems involved in the Gynecology Oncology. Two committees are established principle:

Committee for the evaluation of new proposals for scientific protocols. This Committee consists of the president, a member of the Board designated by the Board of Directors, and three members appointed by one of whom must be an expert in clinical or medical statistics methodology.
Committee for Relations with similar international associations. This Committee consists of the president, a member of the Board designated by the Board of Directors, and three members appointed by the Assembly.

The work of these Committees is to be presented annually to the Executive Council for ratification. These committees serve for no more than the duration of the Executive Council who instituted them, and can be renewed.

art. 12 Meetings and Minutes
Meetings of the Shareholders, the Board of Directors, and of the Scientific Committees will also be held outside the head office. The decisions of the Assembly of Shareholders, the Board of Directors, the powers of powers and the changes of the powers of representation will be made consist in one or more regularly kept books. Amendments to the Statutes and / or of the articles are then recorded with the minutes, except for the change in headquarters, which will be decided according to art. 1 of this Statute. Once a year, it will be held a scientific meeting in the place and in such manner as they shall from time to time by the Board. More extraordinary initiatives can be organized, both in Italy and abroad, on the initiative of the Executive Council. These meetings will be convened all members, and may be invited eminent personalities in the field of Gynecology Oncology, although not belonging to the Association.

art. 13 Offices free of charge and reimbursement of expenses
To all the Members of the Association, the members of the Executive Council, and Scientific Committees, it is not any kind of remuneration for their work, since their contribution based on voluntary activity. The costs incurred by them as part of the activities will not be refunded by the Association.

art. 14 Regulations
Subject to the provisions of law and the provisions of this Statute, the Board may approve one or more regulations, in which are set out in detail the operating procedures of the Association. For matters not covered by this statute and the regulations any reference is made to the norms contained in the Civil Code.

art. 15 Arbitration clause
Any dispute arising between the Members and / or between the members and the Association with regard to the validity, effectiveness, interpretation and execution of this Statute or of any agreement entered into by the Association and by the shareholders, it will be referred to a board of three arbitrators , who will judge according to law, but without any procedural formalities, without respect for the examination in informal arbitration. The referees will be appointed one by each party and the third by the two so appointed. If the parties to the dispute were more than two, it will appoint an arbitrator from each of the parties to the dispute and of an additional arbitrator (only to allow the auditors still have components in odd numbers) by the parties to the dispute.



The application for admission to the Association must be completed on the appropriate form that requires the Secretary of the Association and it must be attached to the curriculum of the candidate member attesting to the professional commitment of the applicant in the field of Oncology Gynecology. The application must be signed by two standing members, which provide proof of the activity described in the curriculum itself. Applications for admission will be reviewed by the Board and, if approved, submitted to the Assembly for ratification prior exposure of the list of prospective members.

Nominations for the election of eight directors and the President Elect, must be received by the President in office 90 days before the date set for the elections and will be promptly disseminated by him to all Members; Multiple entries are not permitted. Before proceeding to the vote for the election of the Executive Council on a proposal of the President of the Board it will be appointed the Electoral Commission consists of a President of the Seat, a Vice President and three Scrutineers from among those who are entitled to vote in any case components the Polling station will not be among the candidates for election it. The Electoral Commission will be responsible for verifying the regularity of elective procedures and to resolve any disputes or issues relating to the elections themselves, and will also be responsible for conducting the electronic counting operations to express electronically vote claimants must connect to the site MYTH GROUP, access the appropriate "restricted area" entering your authentication credentials, and then express their preferences in the manner indicated on the site. At the conference are set up electronic voting terminals designed to enable the successors to, but no later than the closing time for the electronic polling station, the opportunity to cast their vote in the same way, and warranties set forth above. The computer system is designed so as to ascertain first, automatically, the Socio HAVE YOUR REQUIREMENTS IN THE STAFF REGULATIONS TO EXPRESS THE VOTE. For each institutional office you can only make one vote for the list. The identity of the voting shareholder will be made anonymous by the computer system and the expressed preferences will be encrypted and transmitted electronically to the urn and held by the Company that manages the electronic voting software. The electronic ballot box will not be accessible in any way until the end of voting, when the company that manages the electronic voting software will deliver personally to the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, the appropriate authentication credentials to decrypt and inspect the voting results. These credentials will be generated in ways that ensure the confidentiality until the time of their use. In any case, the opening electronic urn will take place during the Assembly during which it is expected to appoint a new Board of Directors and the voting results will be announced simultaneously by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission

The assembly appoints the members of the two stable scientific committees and any other proposals by the Executive Council. The election takes place during the meeting by show of hands. The members remain in office until the mandate of the Executive Council that has nominated.

The proposal of the draft program with the themes of relationships, the place, date and duration of the scientific meeting shall be decided by the Executive Council. Members are invited to make proposals on, both during previous meetings, both through the Council. The Executive Board shall establish an organizing committee, also comprising external members to the Executive Council, and shall appoint the Coordinator; also it establishes a Scientific Committee, in which at least half of the members shall consist of members of the Board.

An electronic newsletter is sent by e-mail sent to all members every three months.

art. 5 - DIRECTORY
The Association, assisted the Secretariat and in compliance with applicable privacy legislation, updates and disseminates periodically to Shareholders the directory of all members of the Association, including general professional characteristics of each.

Any scientific patronage requests for meetings should reach the Secretariat of the Association accompanied by appropriate documentation, in time to be examined by the Executive Council. The scientific patronage is accompanied by an assessment by a credit system. In documented cases of emergency, the President may grant the sponsorship which will be ratified at its next meeting of the Executive Council. The patronage must not entail any financial burden to the Association.

The Association aims to promote cooperation in the field of gynecological oncology. Proposals for new trials may be submitted by shareholders to the President who shall forward it to the members of the Scientific Committee for clinical trials. The protocols for the support of the MYTH Association must adhere to the current regulations for clinical trials. In case of approval of the Protocol, the Association will provide sponsored the study and it will be assigned a code number (MITO-XX). In no event shall the Association may or availability of support of the testing costs to be borne by the promoter (profit or non-profit) clearly identified in the protocol. All administrative procedures related to the trial will be borne by the proposer investigator who will act as coordinator